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Taiwan Excellence (TAITRA)

TAITRA, the number one leading IT industry of India organized a great event in Mumbai on 17th September where I was invited by Digit. It was a great experience for me to visit such a superb event that I had never attended before in my life. The purpose of this event was to showcase all Taiwan brand products and introduction of different Taiwan Companies.

I was very confused on how to get registered but when I reached there, I was fully astonished by the way the guy was handling the registration process and I got my registration card easily, without any hassle. I found lots of products made by different companies but seriously, I had never known that these were the creation of Taiwan group of companies. Some of these products that I found there in exhibition are Transcend, Acer, Silicon Power, D-Link etc.

As soon as I reached inside the expo center, I was asked by a TAITRA representative to fill in the form for lucky draw. There were different prizes for the winners like routers, wireless systems, flash cards, but unfortunately I was not lucky enough to get them though I provided all correct answers. The main presentation that I saw there was on MSI Tablet given by MSI’s MM. There was also a contest named as “IT Traveler Go Contest’ whose final ten contestants were announced by Malaika Arora, the famous Bollywod actress. I was amazed by her appearance and started taking her photos as many as I could. Really, the presentations given by different contestants to win the contest were astounding.

Then we were taken by Digit Team to the next venue which was known as Yogi Midtown. There, another interactive session was organized. The main aim and purpose of this session was to introduce Taiwanese brands in India and they focused on the future of these products and brands in India. There were lot of questions which the audience was continuously asking from the team like what is the future of these products in India, will they survive or not or how they will overcome the hindrances that may come on the way of their success.

The Herein of the session answered each and every question clearly and described that these could be due the lack of awareness and knowledge of the team, but they would certainly try to overcome and tackle such issues to their full extent.

In the end, visitors were asked to fill in a feedback form where they were providing their experience and suggestions on which type of technologies should the company introduce for future. I saw many people giving positive feedbacks and providing the suggestions of wireless system improvement and focus on gaming technology. Overall, it was really a very nice event and one of the memorable events of my life.

Webcam and Wireless Mouse on Consumermate.com

Consumermate- India’s largest online Shopping Store. Consumermate Provides best Consumer electronic appliances including Mobiles, Laptops, Cameras, TV, Mp3 and other gadgets . Based on user’s feedback and their demand they recently launch a two new category in Laptop Accessories. 1) Webcam 2) Wireless Mouse

Laptop highly successes category in online Shopping store and many user demand about Webcams also. They launch stylish and innovative Webcam india category in laptop section. Here you can find different type of webcams based on functionalities and look. They have high resolution webcams with the extend of 16Mp lance also. You can choose webcam as their category based on price variations, popular and new arrivals also. New Webcams comes with a different effects and stylish look, inbuilt speaker and motion based censor.

In this Wireless era almost every accessory comes with a wireless functionality. This revolution comes also in Mouse category. After ball Mouse next is Led Mouse and now comes era of wireless mouse. Wireless mouse is actually quite handy and easy to use. Consumermate comes with a Stylish look and advance functionality with wireless mouse. Functionality area they Wire Mouse comes with Adjustable sensitivity and USB 2.0 supported mouse with up to 27 Ghz to connectivity Which is a good advantage considering. You can adjust price and also compare different wireless mouse. They have also tabs of among most popular and new arrivals of wireless mouse. Expert rating and user’s feedback is one of my favorite sections where you can pick up best wireless mouse in price and quality. Ask us Is newly add-on on consumermate for asking best price of dealers in your city (Whole India).

So when you buy next time accessories please visit their new section of Webcam and Wireless mouse. As consumermate said you buy best at their Store.

Samsung mobiles information By Consumermate.com

Samsung Electronics is the world’s largest electronics company. Samsung started its operations in India in 1995 and has established itself as a leading consumer electronics manufacturer. Samsung Electronics has a presence in more than 100 countries. Samsung Mobile India is a part of Samsung electronics. Samsung Mobiles have sleek and stylish features. Samsung has the best slider phones, with their sleek looks and are easy to use. Samsung Mobiles are loaded with features like Camera, Multimedia, music player and offer enhanced connectivity options. Samsung Mobiles Price is very affordable and gives many services like audio, video, GPS, GPRS, & 3G.

3G is short for the new third generation service of mobile communications that include better connectivity and higher speeds in terms of data transfer that is the base of any communication. 3G mobiles phones feature new services such as high speed Internet access, video/audio streaming, downloads and video calling. This kind of facilities are now enable in the Samsungs mobile phones  and it’s called 3G Enable Phone and Samsung already release many of models with 3G Enable service.  In some popular Samsung phones is Samsung  Samsung Galaxy Pop S5570 , Samsung Galaxy S LCD(GT I9003) ,  to get more information and  Find the latest Samsung Mobile models and compare their prices and features on consumermate.com

Chance to win degital camera and Pen Drives By User Review Contest

Hello Friend I m going to show you something good and Easy way to Win Digital camera, Pen Drives , really Who wants to win a Digital Camera, Pendrives?  Just Got to Online Contest on Consumer mate site.  There are the steps how you become eligible to win one or may be more prizes.

Its an easy contest this time. you can choose one, two or all the six categories- laptops, mobiles, LCD/Plasma TVs, Digital Cameras, MP3 Players or Camcorders,  but please one person is allowed to send one review per category only. Write down your personal experiences on the Gadgets. they will shortlist the first round of contestants based on the quality of review they post, and then they will pick up a winner out of those through draw of lots. So, all of you stand a very good chance to snatch yourself a Digital Camera, Pen Drives. Contest is valid only in India

Most definitely, 2011 will also be the year of the tablet. And if 2010 was vibrant, 2011 will surpass that by a huge margin. Now, Apple, Samsung, Dell, Olive and View Sonic are being joined by the likes of RIM’s Blackberry, Motorola, Panasonic, Acer, LG, Lenovo, Toshiba and ASUS in the international market. And most of these tablets India. It is also not a surprise that consumers have been fascinated by the “in-between” device. This one is placed squarely between the Smartphone and the portable PC. However, buying a tablet is not as easy as you think. This gadget may be young in the market, but there is a lot to it which needs to be considered before you splash the cash. First, you will need to identify you usage demand and pattern. The idea behind this is to see if the tablet device even suits your work requirements. Also for that just go to consumermate.com to find your suitable TEBLETs

Some people align with more than one use, and they should possibly consider buying more than one MP3 player to address various needs. For instance, you might want an ultra compact flash player for jogging or skiing and a high-capacity hard-drive-based device for traveling. Of course, plenty of people just want an MP3 player for general, day-to-day use. If you’re simply after a device that plays good-sounding music and is easy to use, any of the top products listed are perfectly suited for this. However, if you’re looking for a device for a particular use,Uses and types cabacity and other compression about mp3 players india Go to consumermate.com to find all your Needs

Download Winamp For Android

winamp for android

Winamp, one of the favorite music player of the masses has just became available for the Androidplatform, the application requires Android 2.1 or above and is currently in the beta phase, you can search for Winamp in the Android Market or download it from the QR code given below. Winamp for Android also supports USB and wireless desktop syncing  of your music library with its Winamp desktop application(only with version 5.59 beta).

Winamp for Android Screenshots

winamp for android 2 winamp for android screenshot3

winamp for android screenshot winamp for android screenshot5

Download Latest Winamp 5.59 Beta Desktop application


ThinkCentre M70z: All-In-One Desktop PC From Lenovo Hits Japan

Lenovo is famous for its devices, and recently the PC maker has released an all-in-one PC especially for the Japanese market, so let’s have a closer look at it. This model is called the ThinkCentre M70z and it comes with a 19-inch 1440 x 900 display and a choice of processors.

List of available processors includes 3.06GHz Intel Core i5-650, 3.06GHz Intel Core i3-540 or 2.8GHz Intel Pentium G6950 processor. In addition, ThinkCentre M70z supports up to 8GB of DDR3 RAM which should be enough for most of users.

When it comes to storage space, this model uses 250GB or 350GB hard drive, a memory capacity which some users might find limiting. Just like many other all-in-one PCs on the market, the ThinkCentre M70z houses a two-megapixel webcam, DVD writer, Gigabit Ethernet and WiFi. As for the operating system, this model comes with Windows 7 Professional preinstalled.